Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zombie House

This is a project by Xefirotarch Designer Edward Kim, a professor at SCI-Arc. I was immediately drawn to this posting upon discovering it because of a fascination I've been having over the last couple days about the meaning of the word "grotesque," and the paradox which it presents. Something which is often described as grotesque is often regarded as something of great beauty, gothic gargoyles, for example. I am interested in what there is within the human psyche that is attracted to things that are often described using evil terminology.

Now evil may be too harsh of a term to describe the definitives of the aforementioned examples but look at the previously posted images and tell me if this is not the atmosphere which they evoke. Is it not merely voluptuous form, intricate detail, or curvelinear space? Why would one immediately jump to terms such as grotesque, Gothic, or apocalyptic to use the authors own terminology. I have a desire to say something on the duplicity of man at this point but I have no authority over such comparison at this point. 

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