Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brutal Beauty: Entropic Aggregate

In beginning this semester's work we were asked to observe the juxtaposition of a monolith and a pile. What became immediately intriguing to me was not the relationship of several larger masses to each other but that of a vast multitude of very small particles that come together to create a more massive whole. This relationship allows for a variety of nuances to occur in the form, such as the suggestion of translucency and porosity, while still remaining opaque and dense. I began to think of my design process as a cycle of entropy acting upon a mass, designing the affect of elements upon a form over time. In this way I came to a form that appears to have suffered extensive erosion.

  This erosion left behind a multiplicity of vertical elements intersecting a central mass in some places and protruding directly from the ground in others. In this way the mass of the building is obscured by a field of column-like figures and is only visible from certain aspects. Where it is visible one can make out the undulating surfaces resulting from its entropic exposure. Where it is hidden glimpses between spires provide the impression of translucency while creating views through the project from one side of the context to the other.