Friday, September 2, 2011

Totally Open Source!

With the title of the blog being Sourced and with the description of this, to the right, one of the ways I like to look at the meaning of source is as a source code. a controlling entity. This entity is typically thought of as a computer program or function but it can take on other more, much more serious roles. Think human life! What are the policies of governments if not source codes to address relationships with those whom they control and with others who seek to control. In this mindset today has brought the conclusion to a brilliant series of events. Wikileaks, the infamous propagator of all things confidential has completed its release of 250,000 classified government cables, packaged and searchable for download. This has the same implications upon the fields of history, political science, journalism, indeed it is endless, as the creation of Linux or Google had upon the fields of computation. Get to wikileaks and get your copy of the encyclopedia of government secrecy!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A verbal derrivation


A word combined of the the prefix grotta and suffix, -esque.
A grotta (Italian) or grotte (French) both mean cave in English. Therefore when followed by the suffix of -esque, which mean in the style of, One could derive that the word grotesque mean something in the style of the cave, crypt, or the underworld as it is sometimes interpreted. Therefore the connotation surrounding the term grotesque is appropriate. What is interesting then is our fascination with things of the "cave."
In Latin there is a word, caeli, which when translated to English returns two things: the sky, or Heaven (the religious interpretation of a positive afterlife). Following this logic if a word which translates to mean sky can also mean heaven would it not also imply that a word which translated means cave or crypt, that it would also mean hell (again the religious interpretation of a negative afterlife.)
If then a word exists (with such popularity in fact) which means in the style of the underworld why is there no such word which means in the style of life! The Latin word for sky, as already addressed, caeli combined with the suffix -esque would result in the word caelesque or something similar. Has this word ever been heard or addressed? Therefore I continue to propagate the belief that humanity is drawn towards the cave rather than the sky. Why is this?