Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Design for Political Change

"The level of insight and capacity for change in Jackson is nothing short of amazing.  We are a community overflowing with goodwill and creativity. 

During the Thanksgiving Holiday I ran across an encouraging video project called Visible ( )It’s from the perspective of three young Architecture students studying at the Mississippi State University School of Architecture in downtown Jackson.  

The idea of this project is that community participation is necessary for urban sustainability, which in turn stimulates innovation and productivity.

Week after week I have been offering my perspective of Jackson’s challenges.  I have discussed strategies to mobilize every sector of the community to develop comprehensive solutions. 

I have mentioned time and time again how important it is for the city of Jackson to acknowledge and build on the assets that come from being the State’s Capitol City and only urban community. 

These young people offer their own independent point of view of how Jackson develops sustainable urbanism. 

At the core of their message is the idea that the people who live in the community have what it takes to the build community.

In my administration, everyone's perspective will be respected and everyone will have a seat at the table because it will take all of us to make Jackson great! 

As we move into a New Year and campaign season heats up, I hope you will consider how important it is to have leadership who realizes that the power to change our community rests in the people…all of the people. 

It’s our time for greatness!"

Jonathan Lee
Candidate for Mayor of Jackson, 2013